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Inniswold Estates Jefferson Terrace Civic Association

P.O. Box 82563
Baton Rouge, LA 70884



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Christmas 2015 Yard Decoration Winner

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on January 2, 2016 at 8:50 PM

THE winner of the IEJT Christmas Lights contest is:

Roger and Sally Abbott at 8778 Field!

We also wish to mention our other nominated yards: 

Joe and Eva Temple at 5065 Floynell

Timothy Martin at 9867 E Inniswold

Paul and Katie Guidry at 8653 Sharlane

And a special mention to Chris Reine board member on Landsbury with laser lights!

Congratulations to the Abbots. And also to all the other nominated yards; this was a difficult decision to make, as you will see from the photos.


Here is a photo of the Abbots with Board Member Pat Rusk, and a photo of the winning yard:

And our other nominees:  

The Temple home on Floynell:

The Martin home on E Inniswold:

The Guidry home on Sharlane:

IEJT 2015 Neighborhood Garage Sale

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on October 23, 2015 at 12:20 PM

Here is a map and list of addresses for the IEJT Neighborhood Garage Sale scheduled to begin a.m. Saturday, October 31, 2015




RESIDENTS:  If you didn't get your address to us in time to be included on this map, you may, of course! participate in the Garage Sale - just put a sign out and mark your mailbox with balloons; shoppers are sure to see your location!



2015 Annual IEJT Jambalaya Lunch

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on September 14, 2015 at 10:10 AM

Yesterday, Sunday, Sept 13, 2015 - the Civic Association hosted the annual Neighborhood Jambalaya Lunch at the JT Pool.    The weather was PERFECT; the pool was open and the water was warm, and several families enjoyed the pool while having lunch poolside and meeting neighbors.    Approximately 90 member familes participated, and enjoyed plates of jambalaya, white beans and salad prepared by the Pot & Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen, with an ice cream sandwich dessert! 

Board member Lois Leblanc is pictured with Arther Lamm, retired principal of JT Elementary School and former IEJT Civic Association President: 

Neighbors enjoying the food and the weather: 

Board Member Chris Reine, self-appointed "Quality Control Expert", "testing" the dessert: 

2015 Board Members, left to right:

Standing: Board President Brett Smith, Pat Rusk, Secretary Meaghan Beadle, Nadine Harrell,  Chris Reine,  Caroline Wolf,  Tim Mercer,  Stan Leblanc. 

Seated:  Lois Leblanc, Vice-President Rodney Plauche, Fran Woodiel. 

Not pictured: Treasurer Danielle Bowen.

July 2015 Yard of the Month

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on July 21, 2015 at 5:40 PM

Congratulations to JH and Anita Williams on Field Drive, winners of the July 2015 IEJT Yard of the Month.


There is a large front yard, with a large tree with plants around it, an American flag and wagon wheel decoration.    Another section of the front yard contains what can only be called a bird sanctuary consisting of plants, birdhouses, and a birdbath.


Other areas of the yard: A small bench with a garden girl figurine sitting on it, next to a tree stump and an arrangements of stacked flower pots. Yard also contains a flowering banana tree!

Award being presented to Anita Williams by IEJT Civic Association President Brett Smith. Also pictured: Anita's great-grandchildren, 6-year-old Layla Pratt and 4-year-old Josie Pratt. 

Anita and great-grandchildren:

Front yard wagon wheel: 

Front yard bird sanctuary:

Small bench & garden girl figurine: 

Flowering banana tree! 

Back yard patio area:

Yard of the Month, June 2015

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on June 26, 2015 at 5:05 PM

Many thanks to last month's winners, Pete & Anne Peterson, who were our judges for the June IEJT Yard of the Month, and it was no easy task! 

And congratulations to the winner, Terry Passman on Oliphant.  


In the front, the sidewalks are bordered by day lilies and crape myrtles in gold and purple shades. A feature of the side yard is the bed for watermelons and eggplants.

Cajun hibiscus is a favorite of Terry's who visits the LSU plant sale to find new types.

A muscadine vine, fig and apple trees grow in the back yard along with tomatoes and a special Peggy Martin climbing rose. This plant is from one which survived Katrina in Plaquemines Parish.

Terry's yard is a bright spot along his street since he also has an impressive Christmas display during the holiday season.

The special IEJT sign is posted in the yard and Terry received a gift certificate donated by Clegg's.


Look around for a a good looking yard to nominate for July's contest!

Here are the photos: 

Terry Passman with the yard sign:

Front views: 

Mandevilla in the garden: 

Cajun hibiscus blossom! 

Watermelons and eggplants! 

Yard of the Month, May 2015

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on May 19, 2015 at 5:45 PM

This month's winner of the IEJT Yard of the Month is the home of Pete and Ann Peterson at 10903 Ridgely.   The yard was nominated by Brian Jones. 



Pete states that he has always enjoyed working in his yard and experimenting with all types of plants. Since his retirement about four years ago he has made that hobby his passion. He works in his yard virtually every day and spends an average of six hours per day on his hobby.


What everyone sees is the Peterson’s front yard which presents a serene area with various plants that appear totally natural. Although Pete experiments with many different varieties, his mainstays are Caladiums and Impatiens in a bed of pine straw.


What very few people see is the back yard which presents a sea of tranquility at a temperature that is 10 – 15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. In the back yard you can also see the Caladiums and Impatiens, but you can also enjoy the bamboo that provides a backdrop to the view. As is true of the front yard, the back yard has several mature trees that provide the shade that makes the area so tranquil and cool.


Ann's contribution to the effort is keeping her husband totally hydrated with cold water and iced tea while providing words of encouragement!   

In this first photo, IEJT Civic Association Vice-President Rodney Plauche presents the Clegg's gift certificate to Pete in the backyard; the Yard of the Month sign is placed in the front yard. 

The next three photos are of the front yard, and these will be followed by photos of the backyard: 

Back yard:


Summary - March 2015 General Membership Meeting

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on March 29, 2015 at 4:40 PM

We had a very interesting and informative general membership meeting on Monday evening.


Apart from the usual business of budget and approval of minutes from last year, the following items were discussed:




June Emory has had to resign from the board - we thank June for her many years of service to the IEJT Civic Association as board member and treasurer!


In addition to the remaining existing board members (Lois Leblanc, Stan Leblanc, Meaghan Beadle, Danielle Bowen, Tim Mercer, Rodney Plauche, Bret Smith, Caroline Wolf and Fran Woodiel), three new board members were elected: Pat Rusk, Nadine Harrell and Chris Reine. We welcome these new board members!

Photos appear at the end of this post. 




We are now taking nominations for April's yard of the month! Please send your nominations to [email protected]


MATT WATSON, aide to Metro Council Representative Ryan Heck:


Matt attended the meeting, answered some questions and took complaints, including addressing the speedbump issue on Inniswold and traffic issues caused on other streets due to these speedbumps. A minimum of 65% of the residents of a street must sign a petition to have speedbumps installed.


Matt has been very responsive to our residents; and he encouraged us to call or email him when there are undue delays in road work, pothole repairs, etc. Matt's phone number is in the left-hand sidebar that appears on all of our website pages, so please call him if you need him.




Pat Rusk provided information and forms on voting by mail for those who are disabled or are age 65 or older, who may have difficulty getting to the polling places. If you would like more information about this process, send an email to [email protected], and we will get information to you.




Many thanks to the businesses which support IEJT through their on our website:



Red Stick Guitar and Amp, 5525 Galeria Dr Suite B (near Laser Tag, S Sherwood), 225-293-6263



Cypress Tree Service, 225-296-1317 or cell 225-572-2490 - David Roppolo, Owner



Clegg's Nursery, 5696 Siegen Lane, 292-9153



David Engle, Engle Realty, 2552 Nicholson Suite A, 225-937-4003



Room For Dessert, Organic, Vegan, Gluten & Sugar free pastries - 9618 Jefferson Hwy, Suite B - 225-293-9886






Fire Chief Gerard Tarleton spoke to the group about the upcoming tax election.


On the tax issue:




Basically, the May 2 election will include 2 taxes for St. George Fire Dept, which receives no funding from the city/parish.


One will be a 1.5 mill RENEWAL of a tax already in existence that is due to expire in December, and approval would allow renewal beginning in January.


The second tax will be a 2 mill new tax needed to build a new fire station near Bluebonnet & Nicholson, which is part of the St. George Fire Protection district but which is currently served by fire stations that are a minimum of 10 minutes away.


St. George currently has a “Class 2” fire proteciton rating, but if the taxes are approved, it is anticipate St. Geo could be re-rated in 2017 and get a rating of “Class 1”, which could potentially have a positive effect on home insurance rates.


General Information about St. George Fire Protection District:



The St. George Fire Protection District is an independent political subdivision of the State of Louisiana. The purpose of the District is to provide for the fire, emergency medical, and other emergency response needs of the over 100,000 people living within its boundaries. Those boundaries cover over 70 square miles and include the majority of East Baton Rouge Parish that is located south and east of the city limits of Baton Rouge.


The St. George Fire Department is a career fire department with 170 employees. We have a Class 2 Fire Rating. The Department operates eight engine companies and three ladder companies out of eight fire stations. This makes St. George one of the ten largest fire departments in Louisiana.


The District is supported solely by taxes and fees that the Citizens of the District have voted to impose upon themselves. The District receives no general fund support from East Baton Rouge Parish, the City of Baton Rouge, or the State of Louisiana.


Below, new Board Members (l-r) Pat Rusk, Nadine Harrell, Chris Reine: 

Below, full board

Front row, l-r: Stan Leblanc, Lois Leblanc, Nadine Harrell, Danielle Bowen

Back row, l-r:  Tim Mercer, Brett Smith, Fran Woodiel, Pat Rusk, Chris Reine, Rodney Plauche, Meaghan Beadle, Caroline Wolf: 

Below, guest speaker Matt Watson (with Brett Smith in the background): 

2014 Christmas Lights Winner - Terry Passman!

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on January 5, 2015 at 4:05 PM

The CHRISTMAS LIGHTS contest winner: Terry Passman on Oliphant


Here are photos of Terry receiving from Board Secretary Meaghan Cabaniss the $25 Clegg's gift certificate, and with the sign and Board President Lois Leblanc.


Also included is a photo of the Passman home, as it was lit up for Christmas!

Installation of "No Soliciting Signs"

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on November 2, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Some of you may have noticed that "No Soliciting" signs have been installed (or are being installed) at neighborhood entrances. A list of general locations of the signs is posted at the end of this email.


The IEJT Board passed a "no soliciting" resolution and provided it to the Revenue Division of the EBR Department of Finance. The signs were approved by the Chief Traffic Engineer, then ordered, and are now being installed. The relevant legal authority is EBR Ordinance Title 12 Section 200 Chapter 3 Part II.


The "no solicitation" covers peddlers. Be aware that religious, political and charitable solicitation is not considered to be peddling.


Many thanks to all paid members of the IEJT Civic Association; it is your dues that fund these sorts of initiatives that benefit the entire neighborhood! Residents who have not yet paid their dues ($20) who wish to join will find a printable registration form (with mailing address) at our website, The website also has an option for payment of dues via paypal.


Even though we have posted these signs at the neighborhood entrances, it is also a good idea to have a "No Soliciting" sign or sticker posted near your front door.


Here are the sign locations. If you happen to notice a sign has gone missing, please send an email to [email protected], so we can replace it.


Locations are described as if drivers are entering the area.


Azrok and Upton: metal pole in front of 5722 Upton (on the left)


Floynell at Jefferson: Wooden pole just after the canal near the front of the green brick house (On the right)


Inniswold at Jefferson: wooden pole just after the canal in front of the brown house (on the left)


Bluebonnet Road at Jefferson: Wooden pole just after the canal near French Village Avenue (on the right)


Cal Road at Jefferson: Metal street light pole in front of the second house (on the left)


Cal Road at Bluebonnet Blvd. West side: Wooden pole just past the message board (on the left)


Gail at Bluebonnet Blvd. East side: wooden pole in front of 9144 Gail (on the right)


Gail at Bluebonnet Blvd. West side: Wooden pole across from Luckett’s (on the left)


Oliphant at Bluebonnet Blvd. East side: Wooden pole across from 9436 Oliphant (on the left)


Oliphant at Bluebonnet Blvd. West side: Wooden pole at 9145 Oliphant (on the right)

IEJT Yard of the Month for JUNE 2014

Posted by Meaghan Beadle on July 16, 2014 at 2:45 PM

This month's Yard of the Month is actually Bruce Raff's backyard of the month! Please enjoy the pictures showing his hard work on his backyard retreat.   Congratulations, Bruce! 

Two plants one notices in the front yard are the pineapple lily and a beautiful rubrum in full bloom. The backyard has three water features in a private and shaded area.

Plantings inclued a passionflower vines on the fence, a peace rose, purple water lilies, Phillipine lily and hanging baskets of ferns. Also notable are the colorful hammocks for relaxing in the shady garden.

The prize for Yard of the Month is a gift certificate donated by Clegg's Nursery, a sponsor of IEJT for several years. Plan to get your yard in shape for next summer's contest and remember the Christmas lights display contest in December.

Bruce receiving the Clegg's certificate from board member Meaghan Beadle:

Enjoying the hammock swings: 

Whimsical tree!

First Water feature: 

2nd water feature: 

Third water feature:

Pineapple lily: 

Passion flower: